Four Signs That You May Have A Rodent Infestation In Your Home

3 October 2017
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When you purchase a home that has not been lived in for a while, there are chances that pests may have moved into the house while it was vacant. Even though you may not physically see the pests, it does not mean that they are not there. The following guide walks you through a few signs that you may have unwelcome guests lurking in your home without your permission. Look for Pest Droppings Read More 

Prevent Pests From Living In Your Home Or On Your Outdoor Property

13 September 2017
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Insect populations in America keep growing in numbers. There is cause for concern due to temperature changes early this year that are responsible for the increased numbers of insects. High temperatures began quite early in the new year across the nation. There was very little spring weather this year as the nation moved into early summer temperatures. Varying temperature changes on any given day routs insect populations from their seasonal places of hiding as they must then search for new quarters to live in. Read More 

3 Vital Things To Do About Rodent Infestations

25 August 2017
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Do you pride yourself on keeping a clean house? Did you know that your home could still be infested with rodents and other pests, even if your home is tidy? Although rodents may prefer a home where leftover food may be left out for days or where fast food wrappers aren't thrown away, they are still more than willing to move into a home that you think looks perfectly clean. They may even be foraging for food outside of your home, only using your house for shelter from the elements, but they can still spread diseases to you and your family. Read More 

What Things Attract A Termite To Your Home?

24 July 2017
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A termite can cause a lot of damage to your home. And unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to deter them completely from your home. However, knowing what makes your home more attractive than someone else's may help you prevent them from choosing your home to make their home. Here are a few of the common things that attract a termite to your home.  Firewood or Lumber Being Stored Up Against a Home Read More 

Take Steps To Make A Dwelling Less Habitable For Pests

29 June 2017
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Roaches and ants want inside of people's homes. A home or apartment capable of providing consistent food, water, and shelter appeals to these pests. Fending for themselves in the great outdoors or in the deep depths of the sewer hardly appeals to their survival instincts. These creatures are sure to leave their natural habitats when greater, more consistent sources of safety and nutrition exist elsewhere. Humans who do not wish to share their dwellings with such creatures must do what is required to keep them out. Read More