Spider Control In Your Home: What You Should Do

10 December 2019
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Spiders are eight legs of creepy crawly nightmares. They are the type of pests you don't mind seeing coated in plastic on Halloween, but any other time, you don't want to see them in your home. Chances are you've seen a spider in your home from time to time, but if you're seeing a lot of them, you may have an infestation. Gain control of your home and get rid of these pests by using the tips below.

Spray Peppermint

Use a few drops of peppermint essential oil and water combined in a spray bottle. Use this spray to deter spiders and keep them away from your home. Spray all around the perimeter inside and outside of your home. Spray every single nook and cranny of your home. It's an all-natural spray and isn't harmful to your pets or children. It also gives your home a nice smell. Spiders do not like the smell of peppermint and it will help keep them away. You can also use the spray in your crawl space, garage, or even in your garden.

Trim Exterior Landscaping

Trim back exterior landscaping where spiders may easily climb up to your home. If you have ivy hanging on your home, evergreen trees planted closely to your home, or other types of landscaping that hangs over your home or is too close to your siding, trim it back. This can prevent other pests from getting into your home, including ants or rodents.

Remove Exterior Landscape Piles

If you have landscape piles in your yard or wood piles close to your home, remove these or move them to the furthest point in your yard. This can help deter these pests from getting into your home. If you need wood inside your home for a fireplace or wood-burning stove, keep just a small amount in your home and the rest in a wood bin or piled elsewhere in your yard.

Turn Off Exterior Lights

The lights outside your home will attract bugs, which will also attract spiders. Turn your lights off at night, put them on a timer, or set it to a motion detector if you prefer, but don't leave them on all night long. You may notice a lot of spider webs near your outside lights. Remove these webs and start changing how you use those exterior lights.

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be toxic and others are harmless, but no matter what type of spiders you have, you don't want them in your home. Use the tips above to help prevent spiders and call a professional pest control company for help as well. You can also pop over to this website for more information.