When The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet Is Unwelcome -- 3 Pests That Can Make Your Attic Home

15 December 2014
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If you hear little feet scuttle on your ceiling, you may have unwelcome guests living in your attic. The attic is the perfect place for pests to call home because it provides ample shelter from the cold. Here are some of the common pests that can get inside the attic:


Mice are one of the most common household pests, and the attic can be a haven for them to nest. They can chew their way into the attic very easily, and they only need the space of about a dime to squeeze inside. The most common place for them to creep in is on the line of the roof, especially if you have trees overhanging your roof. To keep them away from your roof and attic, keep any tree branches trimmed from over the roof, fill your downspouts with wire mesh or steel wool, and seal up any small areas where they could potentially get in the attic.


Another nuisance animal that is notorious for getting into the attic are possums. Possums are rodents that are attracted to any place where they can find food. They often source their meals from trash cans, which most people store near their home. If a possum has found constant meals in your trash, it will want to take up residence near your home so it will get those continuous meals, which is often in your attic space. Many will find their way into your attic through any small opening. To keep them away, you need to eliminate their food source. Keep your garbage cans secure, remove any bowls of pet food, and seal up any space that is big enough for possums to get inside.


Raccoons are another pest that often takes up residence in attics. While they have cute faces, they can be very dangerous. They carry harmful bacteria that can quickly sicken your family. Females with babies are especially dangerous as they are very protective of their young and may attack anyone or anything that tries to disturb them. They like to nest in the insulation in the attic, especially in cold temperatures. Raccoons are very agile and have very agile fingers. It is not unusual for a raccoon to figure out how to open unlocked windows or move obstacles to get inside. Make sure to lock windows and secure any open spaces with a board nailed in so they can not open it.

If something is living in your attic, it is really important to have a professional pest control company to come and remove it. Do not try to remove it yourself, as you could be injured. Your attic can be damaged as well, since the animal will be scared and be tempted to run. A professional will have the proper tools necessary to remove the pest without leaving a mark on your home. For more information, contact a company that provides pest control software and services.