Three Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Pantry

29 January 2016
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No one wants to find cockroaches, ants, rodents, or other pantry pests crawling through their cupboards and nibbling on their food, but unless you take precautions, this could be in your future. Here are three ways to keep pantry pests away from your food.

Store your food in pest-proof containers

Pests can easily get into cardboard boxes or paper sacks, so you can't store your food in its original packaging. As soon as you get your food home from the grocery store, transfer it from its original packaging to airtight containers. Plastic containers are popular, but they're not ideal because rodents can chew through the plastic to get to your food. It's better to use glass or metal containers, as pests cannot chew through them and your food will be safer.

All of your dry foods need to be stored in these containers. This includes things like breakfast cereal, pasta, and baking supplies like flour and sugar. Make sure to wipe down the outsides of these containers regularly to make sure that no food is on the outside, as this can also attract pests.

Keep your kitchen spotless

For busy people, maintaining a spotless kitchen is difficult, but it's essential if you want to keep pests out of your pantry. Crumbs and spills that look insignificant to you look like a tasty, easy meal for pests. Once these pests discover that your kitchen is a place to get an easy meal, there is no reason for them not to move in. To prevent this, your kitchen needs to be spotless.

After preparing a meal, wipe down your counters to get rid of any crumbs or spills that were left behind, and sweep your floors as well. You also need to mop your kitchen floor regularly, especially after you spill something. While you're cleaning, make sure to clean underneath appliances like toasters and microwaves. You also need to pull out your fridge and stove so that you can sweep beneath them, as crumbs often build up in these areas and can attract pests.

Seal gaps that could allow pest entry

To keep pests out of your pantry, it's important that you seal any gaps in the exterior of your home or your cupboards that could allow pest entry. Small holes that are nearly unnoticeable to people are large, welcoming doorway paths, so you'll need to look closely and seal up even the tiniest holes. Mice can get through holes that are about the size of a dime, and of course, smaller pests like ants can get through even smaller spaces.

On the exterior of your home, holes can be found in many places. They may be found between your bricks, in the gap between your siding and foundation, around your utility lines, around window and door frames, and render effects. You'll need to carefully inspect the entire exterior and then seal any holes that you find.

Since your goal is to keep pests out of your pantry, it's also very important that you seal up any gaps in your cupboards. This means that if a pest does slip through an overlooked hole on the outside of your house, there's another obstacle between them and your food. Carefully inspect the inside of your cupboard, and if you see any cracks or gaps, fill them with caulk. Make sure that the doors of your cupboards fit snugly, and if any doors are crooked or don't close all the way, have them fixed.

Storing your food in pest-proof containers, keeping your kitchen spotless, and sealing up gaps in both your home's exterior and your cupboards will help to keep your pantry pest-free. If you discover any type of pest in your pantry, don't hesitate to call a pest control company, such as Garrie Pest Control.