3 Ways To Protect Your Home From Pest With Effective Spring Cleaning Strategies

3 March 2017
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This spring, as you start to plan your spring cleaning routine, you should make sure that the spring cleaning you are doing helps protect your home from pests. Here are three spring cleaning tasks you can do that will improve your home and help protect it from pests at the same time. 

#1 Seal All Cracks

The first thing you need to do is seal all cracks and entryways into your home. This is where small insects, such as ants, can make their way into your home as well as large rodents, such as mice. 

Walk around your home and focus your attention on your windows, doors, and outlets. These are areas where you are most likely to find cracks in your home. If you identify any cracks, put sticky notes next to them.

Then, you are going to need to go back and fill all of these cracks. You can seal cracks with spackling. If it is more of a hole than a crack, you are going to want to purchase a mesh wall patch to put over the area before covering it up with spackling. 

#2 Seal Up All Your Food

As you clean your kitchen, make sure that all of the food that you keep in your cupboards and pantry, make sure that focus on sealing up all of your food. You are going to want to put all dry food into sealed containers. You can put them inside of sealed plastic or glass containers. 

Make sure that you seal up any pet food that you have as well. Your dog, cat, and even bird food should be inside of sealed containers. Leaving this type of food out in the bags it comes in can easily attract rodents.

As you clean your kitchen, make sure that you put all your food inside of sealed containers and clean all of the surfaces as you go. You don't want to leave any crumbs or other food out as well.

#3 Clear Wood Products Away From Your Home

Finally, you are going to want to do a little spring cleaning outside as well. Make sure that you trim back all the brush from around your home. If you have any wood outside, you are going to want to stack it on a cement pad and cover the wood with a tarp or an open-air roof; don't leave the wood against your house. 

If you keep wood or brush against your home, it can attract a variety of different pests, ranging from bees and wasps to termites and wood-boring beetles, which is why you need to keep these items away from your house. 

As you clean up your home, make sure that you take steps to protect your home from pests as you clean. Visit websites like http://www.bugbusterssc.net for more tips.