Take Steps To Make A Dwelling Less Habitable For Pests

29 June 2017
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Roaches and ants want inside of people's homes. A home or apartment capable of providing consistent food, water, and shelter appeals to these pests. Fending for themselves in the great outdoors or in the deep depths of the sewer hardly appeals to their survival instincts. These creatures are sure to leave their natural habitats when greater, more consistent sources of safety and nutrition exist elsewhere. Humans who do not wish to share their dwellings with such creatures must do what is required to keep them out. Ant and roach control may seem simple, but it isn't. Extra steps behind basic cleanliness are required to attain necessary results.

Addressing the Food and Water Situation

Throwing out the trash and mopping up food and water from the kitchen floor are among the most obvious steps to take. A clean floor and empty garbage can do not provide inviting conditions for insects. Insects, of course, are small creatures. Equally small amounts of food and water may be all that is necessary to draw them in. Since so little is necessary to attract ants, roaches, and other pests, taking greater steps to remove sustenance for them may be advisable. Here are some steps that might help the cause:

  • Clean the Hidden Spots

Roaches and ants are small and may find food is tiny, out of the way places. Cleaning off the stove when food or grease spills is advisable. Do not limit the cleaning to the top of the stove alone. Clean along the side corners, the bottom hinges, the area where the stove connects to the wall, and more. Do this with all appliances. Any missed organic matter might not be missed by pests.

  • Totally Dry Out Sinks

Turning off water dripping in the sink and shower is a good idea. So is wiping away water residue. Doing a less-than-thorough job might undermine the cause of cutting off a hydration source for pests. Completely wipe down sinks, showers, and any area where water collects. Try to make surfaces bone dry.

  • Keep the Air Dry

Moisture present in the air can contribute to the necessary environment in which pests thrive. Adding a dehumidifier to an interior could make a home – in particular, the basement – far less appealing to pests.

Taking Another Step

Living creatures generally stick to environments in which they can thrive. Making the environment less livable means less of a chance to suffer from pest infestations. If pests do show up, call a professional pest removal expert. An exterminator definitely can help the cause of creating a less habitable environment for pests.