3 Vital Things To Do About Rodent Infestations

25 August 2017
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Do you pride yourself on keeping a clean house? Did you know that your home could still be infested with rodents and other pests, even if your home is tidy? Although rodents may prefer a home where leftover food may be left out for days or where fast food wrappers aren't thrown away, they are still more than willing to move into a home that you think looks perfectly clean. They may even be foraging for food outside of your home, only using your house for shelter from the elements, but they can still spread diseases to you and your family. If you think that there is even a vague possibility that there could be rodents in your home, it's a good idea to get professional help. But while you're waiting for your appointment, here are some things that you can do:

Remove pet food: Your cat or dog may not be eating as much food as you think. Rats or mice could be coming in and stealing bits of kibble when you're not around. Not only can this spread disease, but it's also leaving your cat or dog hungry. Instead of feeding your furry friend one big meal or allowing him or her to graze as much as he or she wants throughout the day, try to limit the food to two or three smaller meals throughout the day. If this isn't possible for health reasons, you may want to consider sending your pet to a friend or a relative for a few days. Limiting access to food is one of the most important steps in rodent pest control.

Repackage pantry: The rats and mice may not yet have discovered the boxes of noodles or containers of oatmeal that lurk in your cabinets or your pantry, but they almost certainly will. Repackage as much as possible into glass, ceramic, or metal containers that seal tightly. If you're unable to do that, you should at least put things into a sturdy plastic tote as part of your rodent pest control methods. While rats and mice may still be able to chew through the plastic of the tote, having the food inside will limit food odors that the rodents can smell, helping to eliminate their temptation to raid your food.

Professional cleanup: Rodent droppings and urine can be rife with bacteria that can cause a number of serious diseases. If all you have are a few droppings here and there, your rodent pest control professional can advise you on the safest method to clean these areas without putting yourself and your family at risk. But if the professional arrives and discovers that your basement or attic is actually full of droppings, you'll need to have the contaminated areas professionally cleaned and sanitized for your safety.