Prevent Pests From Living In Your Home Or On Your Outdoor Property

13 September 2017
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Insect populations in America keep growing in numbers. There is cause for concern due to temperature changes early this year that are responsible for the increased numbers of insects. High temperatures began quite early in the new year across the nation. There was very little spring weather this year as the nation moved into early summer temperatures. Varying temperature changes on any given day routs insect populations from their seasonal places of hiding as they must then search for new quarters to live in. Prevent them from living in your home or on your outdoor property.

Warmer Temperatures Than Usual

Warmer temperatures in areas that are usually colder extend pest activity seasons, and that climate change gives pests much longer life cycles. Of course, when heavy rain showers and flooding occur, rodents and insects on the outside head for indoor structures to escape moisture. When gnawing rodent pests take up residence inside and discover structural damage, they will use their gnawing skills to worsen existing structural damages. Concentrate though on eradicating mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes And Viruses

You may notice ominous signs of mosquito activity in areas of the country where you live when heavy rain falls and settles as standing water. That's what mosquitoes thrive on. They lay their eggs there. The danger of mosquito populations in this atmosphere is that the insects may carry deadly mosquito viruses. You'll remember the deadly Zika virus that created a panic as people died from this virus in America a few years ago.

Mosquitoes Thrive In Water And The Air

You also have to think about other mosquito-borne problems that could arise, because mosquitoes thrive in water and the air. They survive in moving streams as well as in lakes. Mosquitoes find that moisture from these environments is to their advantage because they can hide their eggs below the water surfaces. That's all the more reason for you to search areas on your property, which may harbor mosquito sites that must be eliminated by pest control technicians.

Check Sites On Your Property

Check roof gutters that are clogged with tree leaves and settled water. Never allow any open container, such as buckets or old pans, to hold standing water that will entice mosquitoes to breed in them. Plumbing fixtures with pipes that lead to the outside invite mosquitoes to breed there. Make sure your watering hose is not leaking water that settles under bushes or shrubbery. 

Hire A Licensed Pest Control Technician

Make sure that you hire a licensed pest control technician for regular pest control services. You can check out a site like for more information. Sign an annual contract to have regular pest control services performed on your outdoor and indoor property. The contract you pay and sign up for allows you to call on the technician for any type of pest control problems that may arise throughout the year.