How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

22 October 2017
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Bed bugs are invasive, annoying, and hard to get rid of. If you notice bites from a possible bed bug, it could be up to 48 hours old. That is how long it takes for a bed bug bite to become irritated. Unfortunately, this means that you have at least 2 full days of bed bugs proliferating and mating in your bed. So, you want to get rid of them ASAP. If you are patient and follow the right steps, you can get rid of your bed bugs without any special treatment or supplies. Here are the best steps for comprehensive bed bug removal:

Get Out of Bed

The first thing you need to know about bed bugs is that they can only live if they are eating human skin. This sounds gross because it is gross, but it is unfortunately true. So, the first step is to immediately stop sleeping in your bed if you suspect that there are bedbugs. Also, bed bugs usually only come out at night, so don't expect to find them during the day. But, instead of sitting around, waiting to see exactly where they are, you should just start cleaning and making it so they have nowhere to live or eat.

Clean Yourself and Your Sheets

Of course, you want to start off by giving yourself a nice hot shower, scrubbing your hair vigorously. Now, return to your bed and remove all the sheets, and any clothes that you might have worn within the time period that you suspect you've had bedbugs. Unfortunately, this should also include any clothes that have come in contact with unwashed articles that you wore in bed. So, if you took off your sleeping shirt, and put it right back in a drawer next morning, you should probably wash everything in that entire drawer. One if you had bedbugs, doing a ton of laundry is pretty much inescapable.

You will have a couple of days to stay out of your room, so take your time and make sure you clean everything. Vacuum your floors, wipe down your walls with some gentle household cleaners, and do your best to clean the entire room.

Obviously, bedbug removal is going to be a pain in the butt. However, it is definitely something you can do yourself. If you have cleaned everything and waited three or four days without noticing any new bites, you can put sheets back on your bed and begin to move back in.

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