Mosquito Control Strategies For Your Backyard

20 December 2017
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Mosquitoes can be pesky pests, and they can even carry some diseases. To keep them away as much as possible, there are a few strategies you can use. Here are a few options you can put to work in your backyard.

Improve Drainage

If your yard is prone to flooding or puddles after heavy rains, you may be unknowingly creating a mosquito breeding ground in your backyard. Work with your landscaper to create drainage in the yard to direct water away from the yard. It's also a good idea to make sure that your downspouts aren't creating puddles in the yard. Your landscaper can help you to create a beautiful drainage system for the downspouts to channel water all the way from your home to the sewer drains near the street.

Use A Pool Cover

If you have a swimming pool, keep it covered when it's not being used. This will help to keep mosquitoes from breeding in the water. The cover should fit tightly over the top of the water for the best results. Loose-fitting pool covers and tarps can lead to rainwater pooling on the top. Your pool maintenance company can also help you to find the right water treatment to help ensure mosquitoes do not thrive in the water if they find their way into the pool.

Switch To Bug Lights

Porch lights can attract some types of insects, but they are often necessary to make your porch visible. Make your porch lights work for you by switching the light bulbs to bug lights. These lights have a yellow coating that makes the illumination harder for some insects to see. With fewer mosquitoes swarming around your porch, you can enjoy summer evenings outside without having to deal with lots of bites. Remember that the lights won't kill mosquitoes or keep all insects away, but they can be an essential part of a mosquito prevention plan.

Hire A Pest Control Expert

In some cases, you may decide that you need to have your backyard professionally treated against the insects. If you live in an area where mosquito-borne illnesses are reported, or if you live in an area that's seen excessive flooding, professional intervention may be the best step you can take. Contact your local pest control company and have an expert inspect your property before treating it. The pest control expert can provide you with additional ways to help keep mosquitoes away while also treating your property with chemicals designed to get rid of your mosquito problem.

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