Two Signs That You Might Have A Mouse Problem In Your Home

12 February 2018
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When you imagine your house, you'd like to think that the only people who reside there are the individuals who you've granted permission to. Whether that includes your family, a few roommates or a household pet, as long as everyone is accounted for you're perfectly fine with it. However, what happens when you start to suspect that you have a few uninvited visitors in your home? Finding out that you have mice doesn't have to start the moment you actually see one. Keep reading so you'll be aware of a few of the telltale signs that mice have become a problem in your house.

Your Pets Start Acting Differently Than Normal

Whether you know it or not, animals sometimes seem to have a sixth sense. Whether it's the canary that is taken into the coal mines to warn workers of the existence of dangerous gasses or your dog barking at a person who is approaching the house that you can't even see yet. Animals have a funny way of being aware of things that are often out of the line of sight for humans. 

This also applies when you're trying to figure out if you have mice. Watch your pets carefully to see if their behavior is starting to change. Do you notice that they seem hyper-vigilant all of a sudden, sometimes starting at the walls strangely? Also, do you find your cat or dog pawing at some of the low lying places in the house, such as the space beneath the oven or refrigerator in the kitchen? All of these are signs which could mean that your pet senses the presence of a mouse. It's best to pay attention to what they're doing and request a residential mouse inspection.

Has Your Home Taken On A Funky Odor?

You've probably had the experience of walking into someone else's house and immediately smelling an unpleasant scent. They could be totally unaware of the smell because they've become used to it.

Paying attention to the way your home smells can be a key way for you to catch mice in their tracks. If you begin to notice that your house has taken on what seems to be a urine-like smell, it's time to get to the root of the problem.

A residential mice inspection can help you find out once and for all whether you have mice or not. It's a helpful course of action so that you'll know what to do.