DIY And Specialist Pest Control

28 May 2018
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Hundreds of thousands of households struggle with infestations of pests. If this applies to you, you are not alone and there are effective options available to control and eliminate pests. 

The most important decision you will make when aiming to get rid of an infestation is whether to use do-it-yourself solutions or professional pest control specialists. Both have their negatives and positives; DIY options are typically cheaper but may not be as effective, and specialists are more thorough but cost more. Depending on the type of infestation, either may be a viable or desirable solution. The thing to remember is: you can beat this!

Most types of DIY pest control rely on the same basic strategies. The first thing to consider is what is attracting the particular pests you are dealing with. With, for example, ants, they can be attracted to even minuscule particles of food, especially in the kitchen but sometimes in other rooms too. Try to remove and clean any scraps of food that might be lying around, tempting pests to munch on them. Just follow the pests to the locations they are targeting and get rid of all food products in the area, or make sure they are securely contained. After this, a common strategy for getting rid of pests like ants is to mix together jelly and borax and put dabs of the mixture on cardboard slices, flush to the ground in the area you are trying to clear. The bugs will take little bits of the jelly back to share with their friends, and won't kill them until after they've already fed their buddies. 

The more expensive option of hiring a specialist is sometimes necessary if DIY solutions don't quite work the way you would want them to. Specialists have specially mixed concoctions of chemicals that quickly and efficiently clear out infestations, usually within days. If money is no issue, you could consider going with this option initially instead of wasting time and money trying to clear the infestation yourself. Some things you should keep in mind are 1)Always check the warranty policy with professionals, to see if they'll come back free of charge if the issue isn't resolved, 2) Read reviews of the company you plan on hiring to see if it seems dependable, 3) Gauge how easily the professional diagnoses the problem; a good exterminator should be able to locate the source of the issue relatively quickly.

By following these general guidelines and rules, you can ensure that your home is quickly cleared of those problematic pests. Try to do-it-yourself if you have time to work on the problem, and hire an outside agency if you don't. The choice is up to you.

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