"Are There Different Types Of Bed Bugs?" And Other Important Questions

29 May 2020
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Bed bugs were once more of a fairytale than anything else, but these pests have made their way back into the lives of a lot of worried people. If you do have bed bugs, you likely have a lot of questions about these pests. Here are a few interesting questions that can come about when you have bed bugs. 

Are there different bed bug species?

There are different bed bugs species, but only two types are known to feed on humans, both of which are part of the Cimex genus. Common bed bugs and tropical bed bugs are the two types that humans have to worry about. Common bed bugs inhabit just about all areas, but tropical bed bugs prefer to live in humid climates and are usually in tropic and subtropic areas of the world. Both of these bugs look relatively the same, and both will be treated in about the same ways by a bed bug exterminator.

Can you get bed bugs at a laundromat?

If you have managed to end up with a bed bug infestation and do not have a logical explanation as to where the pests came from, you will likely be looking at a lot of places you've been as suspect. In all truth, bed bugs can come from a lot of places, whether it is a public bus or school. The laundromat may seem like the least likely place to get bed bugs, but it is actually a common thing. Bed bugs like to hang out in piles of laundry, so naturally, when people pack their dirty laundry to a laundromat to wash clothes, they can bring along a few bugs with them. The EPA even released an informative flyer with tips about how to avoid bed bugs at a laundromat.

Do bed bugs feed on your animals?

Bed bugs will rarely feed on animals because they prefer human blood. It is not completely unheard of for bed bugs to get on animals and even to be carried from place to place on an animal, such as on their collars. However, if you have a bed bug problem in your home, there really is no concern for your dogs or cats. If your home is treated for bed bugs by an exterminator, it is best if the animals are taken out of the house temporarily and their bedding and collars washed thoroughly during the process.