6 Reasons To Choose A Termite Baiting System

22 October 2020
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Termites can leave you feeling paranoid and worried. Not only are they hard to detect because they attack from underground, but they are also highly destructive. If you are aware of termite activity in your neighborhood, then you can put your mind at ease by investing in a preventative solution to keep termites from attacking your home. Termite baiting systems are good for this reason.

Termite baiting systems have various advantages that make them a good option for termite control.

1. The Ability to Monitor

With an in-soil liquid chemical treatment, you won't see the termites. As such, you'll never know if your termite treatment is working at all. But with a baiting system that your pest controller can check monthly, quarterly, or yearly, you'll be able to see the termites and know that your approach is working.

2. Identify and Destroy the Threat

Once a pest control professional finds termites in a baiting system, they add a poison that doesn't kill the termites straight away. This gives the termites time to take the poison back to their nest, where it will contaminate the rest of the termites. Within about two months, the colony will die.

3. Avoid Contaminating Water Systems

If you have an underground well, drainage system, or a nearby pond, a liquid chemical barrier could contaminate these water sources. A termite bait system doesn't leak chemicals into the soil, so this is a safer option.

4. Avoid Drilling Damage

Sometimes, chemical barriers require drilling to break through the concrete slab of a patio or foundation, for example. If you'd rather not cause damage to your flooring, then a baiting system is a non-intrusive alternative.

5. Ensure Long-Lasting Termite Protection

Chemical barriers last a few years. After that, you need to replace them. But with a baiting system, as long as you stay in touch with your pest controller, they will come to your home and replenish your bait systems periodically. This means that your baiting system will always be ready to exterminate a nearby termite nest.

6. Combine With a Chemical Barrier

You can also combine a termite bait system with a chemical barrier if your area sees a lot of termite activity. This means that even if the termites bypass the bait stations, they won't be able to attack your home from underground because the chemical barrier will block their access.

If termites are doing the rounds in your neighborhood, invest in a termite baiting system to protect your home. If termites do end up on your property, a baiting system could destroy their colony and the risk to your home. For more information about setting up a termite control bait system, contact a local pest control service.