Hire a Honey Bee Removal Professional When a Hive Endangers Your Home or Health

10 June 2021
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Bees are beneficial for the environment, so some areas regulate how they can be dealt with if they form a hive in an undesirable area. Since bees forage far from their hive, using pesticides can harm bees that live in other places besides your property.

If you have a beehive that needs to be removed, call a honey bee removal company so an experienced professional can handle the details of moving the hive. Keep in mind, bees don't have to be moved, but in some cases, the hive could pose a danger. Here are times to move a honey bee hive and how to get the job done.

Have the Hive Removed if It's on Your House

Bees usually build their hives up in trees, but sometimes, they get in your roof or behind the siding. Besides the serious threat of the bees getting inside your house, honey bees can do a lot of damage to your home. Their hives can be huge, especially when they find a protected area, such as behind your siding or in your attic. The weight of the hive can cause damage to your siding and other building materials. Plus, the gooey honey gets in your home and causes damage of its own.

Bees living in your house is not a good situation, and you'll probably need to have them removed. Getting bees out of an enclosed space can be tricky since bees can be excitable, so leave the bees alone and call a honey bee removal professional for help.

Remove the Bees if You're Allergic to Stings

If the bees have a place to live that's away from your neighbors and your pets, then you may be content with letting them stay in your yard. If you have an allergy to bee stings, you probably have a different opinion. Also, you don't know if your neighbor's kids have bee allergies. You may decide the bees need to go as a safety issue.

The good news is bees can be relocated and continue living their lives happily in a different place. So, calling in a honey bee removal company doesn't hurt the bees and it makes your property safer. Be sure to call a company that removes and relocates bees if that's what you want to be done. Some pest control companies may just exterminate the bees unless you let them know your preference.

Hire a Professional to Move the Bees Safely

A honey bee removal professional has the necessary equipment to stay safe while working around bees. Plus, they know how to remove a hive while protecting the bees, and they know what to do with the bees once they've been collected. They might make the process seem easy, but that's only because they know what they're doing.

Trying to spray a hive, knocking it down, or disturbing the bees in other ways could result in serious consequences. Bees usually leave people alone unless they are bothered or their hive is threatened. Then several bees could attack you at once giving you many stings. Avoid that risk completely by staying away from the bees and letting a company like Complete Bee Removal remove them for you.