Termite Terrors To Be Aware Of: What You Need To Know About Termites And Getting Rid Of Them

20 September 2021
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Termite control can be one of the most difficult types of pest control to handle. Many people do not realize that they have termites until the damage is done to their homes. Termite control for homeowners is necessary if they want to avoid expensive repairs. If you know the signs of a termite infestation, then you want to get rid of them before the damage has been done. The following termite information will help you spot a problem and get it under control before these pests cause too much damage:

What You Should Know About Termites

If you own a wood-framed home, you want to know a few things about termites and how they cause damage. Termites are silent destroyers because they can cause thousands of dollars of damage before you even know it. Termites are destructive, persistent soil pests that can cause irreversible damage to the wood in your home. There are three types of termite infestations that are commonly found in the United States. Depending on where you live, you could have any one of the three types of termites continuously trying to attack your home. Identifying the type of termites you have can make it easier to prevent them from causing damage.

What Causes Termite Problems

If you want to prevent termite problems, you need to know what causes them. Some of the causes can be prevented by taking action. In many cases, moisture can be blamed for contributing to termites. Termite damage is also known as wood destroying insect problems or infestations since termites are closely related to ants and form colonies. Termites typically don't live in individual homes but tend to live outdoors in piles of wood chips. However, a high level of moisture will attract them to your home's exterior and interior. Keeping landscaping clean and addressing moisture issues will help prevent termite problems.

How To Know If Your Home Is At Risk?

There are several factors to consider to know if your home is at risk. First, any wood structure or wood materials can be vulnerable to damage. If you own a home, you will inevitably have to deal with termites. They are attracted to wood, which is abundant in the average home. The chances are that it will have some sort of termite damage on the inside or on the exterior at some point in its recent past. If your home is wood construction and there are wooded areas or moisture around, it is at risk of termite damage.

How To Control Them

Once you have a termite problem, you want to get the issue under control quickly. It's not possible to prevent termites from reaching the wood within your home. However, by thoroughly inspecting your property several times each year, you can catch infestations early. Now, if termites are found on your property, one reason may be due to cracks or holes within the wall or attic areas. Sealing the cracks around your home and making sure there is not any exposed wood on the exterior can prevent a lot of the damage. You also want to keep landscaping clean and make sure there are no organic materials with a lot of moisture near your home, such as wood chips or pine bark.

You can prevent termite infestations without breaking the bank. Contact a termite control service for help when you notice the first signs of these pests.