Do You Have To Worry About Termites In The Winter?

2 December 2021
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Most people believe that termites strike in the summer. As such, it is easy to think that you are safe from termites due to the snow on your driveway and yard in the winter. But, unfortunately, these tiny and highly destructive pests know how to hibernate and reach the parts of your business hidden from plain sight.

Unknowingly, they will eat up the wooden structures on the premises and cause a lot of destruction in the process. Here are a few crucial things to understand about winter termites and how termite control techniques can remedy the situation.

How Termites Behave When It Is Cold

Termites are cold-blooded, and they cannot maintain their body temperature when the weather is cold. As such, the only way they can survive is by moving to a place where the temperatures are warm.

For example, the subterranean termites dig deep into the ground and hibernate, waiting for a time when the temperatures will be favorable for them to resurface. As a result, they will tunnel and find nesting places under your basement and foundation pillars, where they may cause extreme destruction.

Cold Temperatures and Destructiveness

Though termites hibernate when the cold weather sets in, their destructiveness remains unaffected. Even in hibernation, they continue to forage for food sources. Some of their typical sources of nutrition include the wooden stumps used to make the foundation.

Usually, they are notorious for tunneling to access food sources, which is why you should be more vigilant in the cold season. Doing this enables you to take the necessary termite control measures to prevent huge structural losses in your business facility down the line.

Checking for Winter Termites

If you see a few termites scurrying around the facility in the winter, they are probably the subterranean species coming out of their hiding places. Besides that, you should inspect the building for the tubes the insects create in storage areas.

You might not see the termites until you rip a wall apart, but that does not mean that they aren't present. It is advisable to listen for clicking sounds on wooden structures, which indicates a need to call the termite control exterminator.

Unlike other pests, termites do not take a break in the winter. Thus, it would be best not to slow down on your efforts to eliminate them from your premises. So it is important to hire commercial or residential pest control services even when the snow is falling.