Protecting Your Home's Interior Against An Ant Invasion

6 January 2022
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If you live in an area where ants are known to get inside of structures during the warmer months of the year, you likely want to take steps to ensure they do not get inside of your own home. Read over the following tips and apply them to your own situation to keep ants outside where they belong.

Seal Entryways To The Inside Areas

Before warm weather arrives, it is wise to take a look at the outside of your home for any spots that are in need of damage repair. Ants can squeeze themselves in cracks or holes in your siding, underneath shingles that are not intact, and around doorways or windows where gaps are present. If you see a spot in question, fill it in with caulk, pieces of wool, or weather-stripping depending upon the location of the void.

Conduct A Cleaning Session

Before cooler weather ceases, take the time to clean the entirety of your home's interior. Ants will stay in homes where they have food and water available. If these are not easy to obtain, they will move on to other locations. Vacuum, sweep, and mop down floors to remove food remnants that may have fallen to this level. Wipe down countertops after every meal preparation session to remove food odor. Eliminate clutter so ants have fewer areas to hide behind, inside, or under.

Get An Evaluation Performed

Contact an ant pest control service in your area to take a look at the inside and outside of your home in detail for signs of existing ants. If they are noticed, the service will take the proper steps to eradicate the pests safely and completely. You can then use the service anytime ants make their way inside of your home in the future. Be sure to book an appointment well before springtime arrives so you do not need to wait for an appointment.

Tend To Your Outdoor Space

Since ants spend time outdoors, it is important to treat your outdoor areas for these insects if they appear to be congregating in large numbers. Move woodpiles away from your home so insects that use the logs for nesting will not make their way to your structure. Use pest control agents to remove ants from your lawn. Destroy ant hills when they are first noticed so ants that were living inside of them will retreat to other areas to rebuild.

For more information on ant pest control, contact a company near you.