Fruit Flies Causing A Stir In Your Home? What You Can Do About These Pests

11 August 2022
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Fruit flies are a pest that prefers moist environments and tends to be around fruits and vegetables, although they may be found in other parts of your home as well. These pests can appear out of thin air it seems and multiply like crazy. Fruit flies are a pest that can be a nuisance and make you feel like throwing out all of your fresh fruits and vegetables and fumigating your entire home, but you don't have to do all of that just yet. You can get rid of these pests without having to forgo your favorite fruits and veggies. Read on for tips to help you get rid of these tiny floating fruit flies.

Wash Your Fruits And Vegetables 

Wash all of the fruits and vegetables that you have sitting out on your counter and place them in your refrigerator rather than sitting out on your counter. Washing them will help remove any fungus on them that may be attracting these pests to them and will remove the pests themselves. Putting the items into the refrigerator can protect them from fruit flies, but if you don't wash them, the fruit flies will be in your refrigerator. Leave your fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator and off of your counters until you are rid of these pests.

Clean Out Your Drains

Your sink drain may be attracting fruit flies, as it may have a clog inside that these pests are using for nesting material. Clean out the drain with a plastic snake and use bleach and hot water to clear the drain thoroughly. When pouring the hot water and bleach into the drain, pour it around the edge of the drain to loosen and remove the debris stuck inside. You should do this with all of your drains, not just your kitchen sink. If you have floor drains, you need to repeat the same steps.

Set Fruit Fly Traps

Set traps around your home, especially where you have seen these pests the most. You can find traps at your local hardware store. You may be able to make your own traps by placing small shallow cups of apple cider vinegar around your home.

If you have an issue with fruit flies, they can be a nuisance and begin to make you crazy. Keep your drains clean, set traps, and remove anything that may attract these pests, including fresh fruits and vegetables and houseplants as well.

Contact a local pest control company to find out more.