Pest Control You May Need To Keep Your Home And Yard Free From Pesky Summer Pests

24 March 2023
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When warm weather signals the beginning of summer, you may start making plans for pool parties and other types of outdoor fun. You may want to factor pest control into your plans too. A yard full of mosquitoes or fleas could ruin a fun event and force you back inside. Here are some summer pest control treatments you might want to talk to your pest control company about.

Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes ruin outdoor fun in a hurry. They not only bite and make you itch, but they can also spread diseases. Your pest control company can apply treatments that keep mosquitoes under control. You may need to have them a few times during the summer to be the most effective.

Mosquito treatments are often applied in shady areas where mosquitoes hang out and stay out of the sun. The treatments have a residual effect and last even through the rain. You'll need to do your part too by eliminating standing water in your yard and keeping weeds mowed down.

Ant Bait Treatments

Ants are annoying, and you'll probably have to put up with a few since it may not be possible to get rid of ants entirely. However, you'll want a pest control professional to eliminate fire ants since these can sting and hurt kids and pets.

If ants are getting indoors, you may want the exterminator to put out ant bait so the ants carry the bait back to other ants and wipe out the colony. This might reduce the number of ants that bother your patio picnic too.

Flea Treatments

If an infestation of fleas takes over your yard, your ankles could be swarmed with pests every time you walk outside. Plus, your pets could get full of fleas and carry them inside your house. A pest control professional can treat your yard to get rid of fleas and seal up entry holes to help keep the fleas out of your house.

Once fleas are inside, you may need pest treatments inside your house too. Your dog will probably need to get flea medication from your vet to protect them from bites and allergies from the fleas.

In addition to outdoor treatments that target summer pests, you'll probably want your pest control company to apply treatments around the perimeter of your home to keep roaches and other bugs at bay. Summer is a busy time for pest activity since the weather is warm and food is plentiful, so you may need help from an exterminator to keep the bugs out of your house and under control in your yard.

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