6 Reasons To Choose A Termite Baiting System

22 October 2020
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Termites can leave you feeling paranoid and worried. Not only are they hard to detect because they attack from underground, but they are also highly destructive. If you are aware of termite activity in your neighborhood, then you can put your mind at ease by investing in a preventative solution to keep termites from attacking your home. Termite baiting systems are good for this reason. Termite baiting systems have various advantages that make them a good option for termite control. Read More 

“Are There Different Types Of Bed Bugs?” And Other Important Questions

29 May 2020
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Bed bugs were once more of a fairytale than anything else, but these pests have made their way back into the lives of a lot of worried people. If you do have bed bugs, you likely have a lot of questions about these pests. Here are a few interesting questions that can come about when you have bed bugs.  Are there different bed bug species? There are different bed bugs species, but only two types are known to feed on humans, both of which are part of the Cimex genus. Read More